Empty parking lots, aerial view.

Parking at Somerdale Pavilion

Parking at Somerdale Pavilion


In order to ensure parking areas are managed effectively for our customers, there are parking controls in place on site. Parking charges are applicable at a cost of sixty pence per hour (60p). However, members get FREE parking as part of their annual membership. In addition, temporary parking exemption is extended to certain categories of visitors attending organised events. Please see Parking Exemption details.

Parking Exemption Details

1. Somerdale Pavilion Members can park for free (membership means anyone who has taken out a social, sports or gym membership).
2. Visiting sports team players and officials will be given free parking on the day of their visit for the maximum ‘stay’ period (see Period section).
3. Persons attending a private function, an organised Pavilion social function or a corporate event will be exempt from parking fees subject to the requirements of points 4, 5 and 6.
4. If you are a delegate attending a conference please check with the conference organiser to ensure that you are familiar with the parking arrangements for your event.
5. If you are a member of a visiting sports team please check with your team captain/manager to ensure that you are familiar with the parking arrangements for your team’s visit.
6. If you are a visitor as a conference delegate, a sports team member or just attending an organised social event, you should report to reception where you will be required to supply your vehicle registration details (See also points 4 and 5).
7. Where parking exemptions are given it is the vehicle owner’s responsibility to enter or record their vehicle details clearly, accurately and correctly. The Somerdale Pavilion accepts no responsibility for errors made by vehicle owners when recording vehicle registration details.

Further information and Conditions

Member Authorised Parking

Pavilion Members will need to register their vehicles at the site in order to be included on the official parking list. A vehicle must be linked to a specific membership. That membership must be valid and linked to one address. Details on how to register your vehicle are available at our reception desk.

Parking Fees

Fees for parking start at 60p for the first hour. Two ticket machines (Main Car Park – Car Park 1) are located at the front of the Pavilion, on the right as you walk from the car park to the building. Two ticket machines are also located in the lower car park (Car Park 2) at the vehicle entrance to that location. Vehicles using the car parks must pay the required fee, if not exempt under points 1, 2 or 3 listed in the Parking Exemption details section.


The parking control system operates on an Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system which records both the entry and exit of vehicles. The ANPR system looks for precise number plate details and has no capacity to adjust where registrations have been incorrectly entered. (See also Parking Exemption Details, point 7)


Parking tariffs are in place seven days a week for 24 hours with a maximum ‘stay’ of 6 hours. The maximum ‘stay’ period is to prevent overnight parking and extended ‘stays’. If there is an exceptional, genuine reason for a vehicle staying beyond the maximum period, it can be reviewed at the discretion of the Pavilion management team provided it is notified at the time.

Drop Off

The on-site parking system allows a 10 minute drop off time for drivers wishing to drop off passengers. This means that if your vehicle is recorded entering the controlled area and leaving again before the 10 minute period has expired, no fee is chargeable. It is the vehicle owner’s responsibility to decide whether they can make their drop off within that timeframe. Any excess time will require a fee to be paid. As within any automated system this timeframe is precise.

Car Parks Management

Management of the parking areas is controlled by an external agency, Smart Parking. Where the parking regulations are contravened, a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) will be issued by Smart Parking, not by the Somerdale Pavilion.

Vehicle Owner Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to ensure that they are familiar with the parking requirements when leaving a vehicle on site. Where any contravention occurs and a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) is issued, any subsequent correspondence regarding the PCN is between the parking management company and the vehicle owner. The Somerdale Pavilion does not cancel PCNs nor can it represent any vehicle owner using the site. Details of the site parking requirements are displayed within the car park area and on the building exterior.