4-11 Junior Area

Our soft play area comes with multi-level soft play structures for children up to the age of 11 (or maximum height of 1.45metres) perfect for them to run, jump, play and release their energy! Soft play is great for kids to learn new motor skills, enjoy the benefits of exercise and to interact with other children.

Children must be 11 years or under and/or not exceed a height restriction of 1.45m.

Last admission will be 45mins before advertised closing times.

All children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian (over 16 years of age) at all times. At least one parent/guardian is required to supervise up to two children under five years old, three children over five and four children over eight years old.

The Activus team will occasionally supervise the play equipment to help maximise your children’s enjoyment from the play experience, they are not however a replacement for parental supervision.

Parents/Guardians should note that whilst every consideration has been given for the safety of children using the play centre, Activus cannot be held responsible for accidents which occur as a result of children playing on the equipment.

Parents/guardians are asked to supervise and keep a watchful eye on their children from outside the play structures. The apparatus is not safe for adult use.


  • Parents/Guardians must supervise their children at all times and ensure their children play safe.
  • Wear socks at all times
  • Remove badges, earrings and any other sharp objects
  • Remove items from pockets
  • Elbows and knees should be covered to prevent friction burns
  • Only go down the slides feet first
  • No climbing on the netting
  • Balls must be kept in the ball pool and not thrown
  • Food, drink or chewing gum may not be taken into the play area

Please refer to full set of Play Safe Rule posters displayed on the website and throughout the facility.