About us

A registered charity with a big heart for active communities!

What We Do

As a charity with a big heart for people and communities, Aquaterra create healthy lifestyles and habits. Whether through sporting facilities, inspired play or providing health hubs, we do the hard work to get your community active.

Our not-for-profit status means every penny is reinvested back into effective community leisure projects, facilities and programmes, making healthy lifestyles available for everyone. We aim to help the 80% of people who do not do any form of physical activity. We want to break down barriers such as lack of finances, poor health management, ill health, age and disability.

We have partnered with Councils, NHS trusts, local GPs and health professionals, housing associations, community and voluntary groups and other not-for-profit organisations in a wide range of social contexts. We also work with companies to help deliver on their social responsibly strategies. Find out more about how you can partner with us here.